The Lore

What is a GolemZ?

The GolemZ also known as a GolemZ is your Inner Hero. He is the guiding light that supports you and is always by your side when things get tough.  We all have demons, we all have struggles and monsters or even voices in our heads. It is so easy to define our negativity. But we seldom have that ray of positivity that is always on your side. That is what the GolemZ represents. 

A GolemZ is there to constantly remind you that you are worthy and that you matter. He reminds you that your grasp is NOT only defined by your reach. Your Grasp can be more, you are worthy of success. The GolemZ is a symbol that you can look to on your phone as an NFT, but also when the  phone is turned off, he is that friend.

With the world still recovering from Covid-19, it is clear that mental health is fragile for many of us. GolemZ is designed to be there when it counts and to be your little guardian angel.

Our Motto here at GolemZ is very simple 

Why not us?

On the 8th eclipse, the first generation of golems spawned after the powerful sorceress Evanora moulded seemingly lifeless clay known as Primordial Clay into animated protectors. Each Golem was powered by a gem infused with the life force of Evanora herself, and their sole task was to watch and guide humanity. The Yetzer was the counterbalance to the Golem, often referred to as (Demons, Ghouls or the Critical Inner), a union of sadistic creatures that sought to tempt humanity to give into their hidden vices embrace their most hedonistic impulses. These hidden vices, commonly known as the seven deadly sins, would fuel the Yetzer and their unholy alliance when enacted by a human.

As the centuries passed, the battle between the Golems and Yetzers raged on countless battlefields on multiple timelines. As these struggles intensified, the relationship between humans and Golems grew stronger and more intertwined. Historians have often documented Golem sightings and even physical interventions from these stoic protectors saving humans from the Yetzer or, more importantly, from saving humans from themselves. Evanora designed the Golem's seemingly without flaw as they possessed uncanny strength and immunity towards magic and an unshakable will.  

The Yetzer's, who were fully aware of their formidable enemy and their invincible nature, decided to strike a deal with Evanora's younger brother Norhondo, to devise a plan to swing the tides of war fully into their favour. As perfect as the Golems' design was, Evanora never accounted for one fatal flaw, their love for humanity itself. Under the direction of Norhondo, Yetzers manipulated the humans to turn against the Golems, their sworn protectors. Fueled by their choice of vice, the humans would lash out against the Golems, often leaving their tools of abuse embedded in their now vulnerable guardians' skin. As the damage for each Golem accumulated, their gems were left exposed and open for extraction and harnessing. With a lack of emotions and a surge in false narratives, and the lack of community, the Yetzers began winning their eternal struggles, and the once impenetrable foundation of the Golems began to crumble.

With the impending destruction of the Golem's imminent, a few remaining Golems known as the Ancient Ones knew it needed to replenish its numbers and now bring the Golems back into the consciousness of humanity. With Evanora long gone and the Primordial Clay unavailable on Amazon, the Ancient Order, also known as the Golem Guard, turned to a pair of teenagers (Ricardo & Jordan), with the ancient manifests on how to create a Golem. Having no clue how to decipher these ancient scrolls, these entrepreneurs did the next best thing and utilized Eth technology and Resin modelling to create a new army of Golems. The Golem Guard resurges at the begining of 2022, with the creation of 8888 new Golems.

With each manifestation of a Golem, the Golem guard strengthens; with each NFT minted, the soul of the Golem is restored. As the Golem Guard replenishes through the growth of its loyal and steadfast followers, one thing is sure.